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Surisa Surisa
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Versatility and enthusiasm are words that describe Surisa Surisa.

She has worked on films and television series of many genres and spanning a wide range of time periods, from Samson (600 BC), Labyrinth (1209 France), Leonardo (1472 Italy) to Proteus (18th century South Africa), Ask The Dust (1930s Los Angeles), Skin, More Than Just A Game, Black Butterflies (all 1960s South Africa), Dr Who (1950s Montgomery USA), The Looming Tower (1990s Iraq, Kenya and Morocco) and sci-fi with Dracula 3000, Young Ones and Mad Max. Not the mention the 30-something contemporary productions she has contributed to.

In total she has 52 films and TV series to her credit. Among them are 20 dramas (including 4 documentary dramas), 6 comedies, 8 drama/crime/thrillers, 2 National Geographic documentaries and 6 family films/TV series. She has props mastered 20 long format productions, decorated four, production designed two and art directed four.

In addition she has worked on 41 commercials, acting as props master for 22, production designer for two and art director for two.

In both long form (film and TV series) and short form (commercials), Surisa has something to offer. She is known for her work ethic, always delivering on time and within budget. She is very creative and her appetite for learning is renowned. “Every project has new challenges, you cannot get bored in this industry.”

One of Surisa’s latest achievements was to production design (together with Birrie le Roux) the film “Poppie Nongena”, which has won several awards, including best future film at the 2019 Silwerskemfees.

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